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Athlete Insight: Joseph Schooling On Fuel My Potential

Joseph Schooling with his gold medal from the 2018 Asian Games. Photo: Simone Castrovillari

Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling talks with Fuel My Potential about how good nutrition advice helped him win the 100m butterfly event at the Rio Olympic Games. And how it can help you find success …

Each of us have our own goals, our own passions and our own unique talents. To achieve what we want in life we need to understand ourselves and to nurture ourselves first and foremost. Nutrition is an area of growing popularity, but it is often dominated by rules; “do as I do, don’t eat this, you must eat that” etc.

I know from personal experience that eating well is energizing. It is the best way to care for you, yourself. It is a simple first step to be the best version of yourself you can be. Yet everyone’s journey to their own goal is unique. We all have our own path in life. How can you chart your own journey if you are following somebody else’s rules? You need to know what works for you, not what works for someone else.

“Fuel My Potential helped me to think about what I needed to train better, perform better, and to succeed in every aspect of my life, not just in my sport. You should experience that, too. You’ll never regret it.”

Joseph Schooling, Olympic Gold Medalist
This is a moment from the 2016 Rio Olympics that I will never forget. The Olympic Record is just icing on the cake.

Fuel My Potential is an exclusive, members only, online media sports science hub with a foundation in nutrition. Fuel My Potential is designed to help athletes get the best out of the hours they invest into their sport, into study and, ultimately, into life.

Dr Kirsty Fairbairn joined me in Singapore to congratulate me on my Olympic gold medal after my victory parade.

By joining Fuel My Potential you’ll get access to members-only tools, recipes, resources and video content that will help you nourish yourself so you can achieve everything you want to do.

One of the leading sports dietitians behind Fuel My Potential, Dr Kirsty Fairbairn, advised me in my career, including the lead up to the Rio Olympic Games and continues to do so. Dr Kirsty Fairbairn has a PhD degree in skeletal muscle fuel systems and understands the demands of balancing sport with study or work really well.

A young version of me with Michael Phelps (left) and now competing alongside him.

The Fuel My Potential team has more than 30 years’ experience in supporting all kinds of different people with all kinds of different bodies, through their own personal health, well-being and high-performance sporting journeys. This experience and in-depth knowledge is why they were able to use nutrition to empower me to be my best and to achieve my goals; without rules and without judgement.

Fuel My Potential helped me to think about what I needed to train better, perform better, and to succeed in every aspect of my life, not just in my sport. Now I understand that the food choices I make to nourish my body are a fundamental aspect of me caring for myself. You should experience that, too. You’ll never regret it; I certainly don’t.

Kickstart your high performance journey by clicking on the link below to subscribe. You’ll be joining me and starting your own journey towards being the best version of you that you can possibly be.

I look forward to seeing you there!

– Joseph Schooling, Olympic Gold Medalist


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